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Purple urkle strain for sale

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 18% – 21%

Purple Urkle Strain is one of the more rare and exotic species of Urkle lilies. This attractive purple flowering plant is recognized by its strong aroma, which has been described as a powerful stimulant, a diuretic, a digestive aid, an antihistamine and an expectorant. This aromatic sweet flower has been credited with being a natural toxin-disruptor, a natural source of pain relief for those who suffer from serious stomach ulcers, an antibacterial, an expectorant, a stomachic, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Some experts even believe that Purple Urkle Strain may be helpful in treating internal parasites, yeast infections and wounds at the cellular level.


It is this powerful aroma and taste that make this purple Urkle Strain a very sought after luxury flower with a very unusual flavor profile. The most common form of this flower, which is referred to as “Sweet Urkle”, has almost identical physical traits to the American Elm flower, (U.s.A. called U.s. elm), however the main difference is the strong tobacco aroma and flavor of the sweet Urkle.

Purple urkle weed strain

This sweet aromatic and oil has been used throughout the world for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes including sedation, calming, anxiety reduction, as a nervous stimulant, to treat cancer, to relieve anxiety and mood swings, to heal various respiratory conditions, as a digestive aid, to prevent tooth decay, as a digestive aide, etc. Many of these and other claims have been made for this by oil and its oil extract. In France, the Purple Urkle Strain is referred to as “le rose de la Croisette”. In fact, the origin of this name is attributed to the color purple itself, and it is said to stem from the habit of the French to burn sweet Urkel, or purple Urkle, during periods of excessive celebrations or sorrow, for example the mourning period following the death of a revered person, or the “ros de la Croisette” festival held annually before Easter in France. Others attribute the origin of the name to the purple color of the Urkel itself.

Purple urkle strain info

Some sources suggest that this strong and oil may also be responsible for some of the success of Sederil, a popular appetite suppressant marketed under the brand name Methereal. However, there is no evidence to support such claims, nor does the history support the claim that the French use of sweet Urkle for weight loss purposes began around the same time the hemp strain was developed. While both strains are highly beneficial, it appears that the U.s.S. commercial production is more highly refined and potent than that of the French. In addition, while it is true that Urkle has become popular in Europe for medicinal purposes, the product itself has been available in the U.S. for several years and remains far less common than Methereal in stores. Moreover, although the French and Dutch describe the strength of the product as nearly seven times stronger than metherotropin, both strains contain similar amounts of CBD. Thus, despite claims by some companies that the strongest U.S. version of Urkel contains somewhere between twenty-two and twenty-five milligrams of CBD, the FDA classifies it as a drug (and not an herbal extract), and thus the strength cannot be determined. Buy purple urkle strain online with bitcoin.


As indicated above, much of the historical information regarding the origin of this popular, if not legendary, herb comes from unreliable sources. However, there are some undisputed facts about the origins of this superfood. For example, it is very similar to Sederil but does not contain the plant’s psychoactive component, THC. It also contains only about half the amount of CBD that would be contained in a typical ounce of cannabis. While it is not clear why this superfood is referred to as purple, it has been grouped with both hemp and cannabis due to its resemblance to both plants (itself a legitimate claim). Nevertheless, the precise composition of purple Urkel cannot be precisely determined, and no definitive strain of the herb has ever been identified. Cookies marijuana dispensary has the best purple urkle strain available for sale.


Like Sederil, purple Urkel is a culinary herb, used both for cooking and for brewing beer (although it has a slightly different flavor than Sederil and most hops strains). It is typically sold in the form of a powder or in a container of its own sort, and is available at most health food stores as a liquid extract, tea, or in capsule form. It is generally considered to be quite tasty, although many of those who have tried its use claim that it loses its flavor after a few hours of being brewed in the pot. It is also interesting to note that this herbal cannabis strain is often confused with hemp stem, which is actually a completely separate plant with completely different properties. Regardless of the reasons for including the purple version of Urkel, it is a popular ingredient in gourmet recipes today.


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