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Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 23%

The Lemon G strain is an extremely powerful and well balanced Hybrid. It is ideal for reducing anxiety, depression, and stress and gives an uplifting, social, energetic kick. Overall it is a very balanced and well rounded cannabis choice. Lemon G strains tend to have a distinctive lemon citrus smell, but that doesn’t come across too much in the taste. Buy Lemon G strain online from cookies marijuana dispensary and get a discreet delivery. Order Lemon G strain online in usa. Our Lemon G strain for sale will sweep you up your feet.


This particular strain was developed by crossing Lemon Balm (also known as Lemon Grass) with the North American Lemon G strain. It is actually quite rare, as only about ten plants of this variety are alive in the world today. The new hybrid is thought to be even more potent than the Lemon Balm, with a quicker, more relaxed and sedative effect.

Lemon G strain flowering time

Lemon G Strain is also known as Lemon Grass, which is what makes it distinct from Lemon Balm. Lemon Balm has always been the more traditional strain, often compared to Lemon Grass as a weed, having larger and straighter leaves. Lemon G Strain tends towards a more tropical look, with large dark green leaves. It also has bigger bladed leaves and produces large amounts of resin. Lemon G Strain’s ability to produce large amounts of resin is thought to be one of its main differences, as Lemon Grass has a milder, more relaxed effect on most people, although many people report feelings of stress or depression after smoking Lemon G Strain.


Lemon G Strain is comparable in looks to some well-known indices, such as Lemon Haze, yet it has a unique, energetic, and uplifting feel. It is highly recommended as a complement to Flowering Time, because it helps speed up the flowering time by keeping the plant fuller longer. Lemon G Strain shows limited effects in a sensitive range of patients and should not be used by pregnant women, as it may cause uterine contractions. It can be grown in all seasons, although its best quality is found in the spring.

Electric lemon g strain review

Lemon G Strain has very small, low yield, fast-growing flowers. It is not unusual for it to be able to flower within a couple of days, but flowering time can take weeks on a mature plant. The distinctive sweet taste of Lemon G Strain is made from the pollen collected at the base of the leaves, and although there is no reported digestive problems, it can be hard to digest, especially for people with acid reflux issues.


There is another strain of Lemon G Strain that is said to be even more successful than the above, called Lemon Balm. This is extremely popular with people wanting to try something new, and the result of using Lemon Balm is a long list of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Lemon Balm contains no artificial flavours, colours or fragrances, and the natural taste of the Lemon Strain is supported by an added tart taste from the crushed seeds. The scent of Lemon Balm can be detected in the air when it is used, and the fresh lemony scent can be smelled on skin after it is applied.


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