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THC: 23%, CBN: 1%

A Unique Indoor Marijuana Flower

Jack Herer Strain is a high-energy Sativa/hybrid strain created via crossbreeding the famous Chocolate Diesel X Black Diesel strains. The high in Jack Herer is extremely uplifting and energizing, which makes it one of the most powerful, potent, sativa-dominant strains on the market today. Consuming only the finest quality genetics with no fillers, Jack Herer delivers huge amounts of energy that keep you up all night.


This energy translates directly into massive physical results as well. Jack Herer Strain’s energetic, yet limber, action allows it to deliver a truly powerful and noticeable effect on your body. Its uplifting nature allows it to act as a powerful source of focus, as it helps you stay focused and alert. If you were looking for a powerful, earthy, and uplifting strain to put in your bud, this would be a great option. This strain is great for those who prefer an earthy, but not overpowering taste.

Jack herer weed strain

The official website lists this strain as a “hybrid between the classic Indica-dominant hybrid Ashoka and the highly respected Diesel,” implying a strong reliance on Indica traits. The official Jack Herer website shows the plant under three separate headings: Floral, Woody and Floral Blossoms. Based on these descriptions, it appears that Jack Herer Strain is meant to act as a balanced medley of these three major categories, with the floral and Woody characteristics taking priority over the flowery characteristics. Based on the official website, however, the flavor seems more focused on the flowery aspect than the other two, though this could be due to sample variation.


There are many types of cannabis seeds available today, most notably the Jack Herer strain. Many cannabis seed producers are producing high-quality Jack Herer Strain in their efforts to make a more consistent high and improve the taste of lower grade cannabis. Many fans have reported using Jack Herer Strain with success, citing the consistent high with better flavor and aroma than many of the better-known strains available. However, some enthusiasts have reported mixed results, with some enjoying the stronger flavor and aromas and others complaining about the pungent, citrus-like taste. Some also report having trouble keeping their smoking pipe full, which may account for the less-than-perfect taste some claim to have experienced with Jack Herer. Whatever the case, Jack Herer Strain is proving to be a winner for many, with its strong taste making itself distinctly unique among high-grade cannabis seeds.


Like many hybrid strains, Jack Herer Strain is likely to show varying flavors of buds once it has bloomed for the first time, resulting in the plant being categorized as a hybrid. The flowers themselves will vary greatly in terms of shape and size, with some bearing large, bushy leaves and others having compact, narrow ones. Some buds will be covered with a bright pink or red color, some will be small and dark green, while others will be completely white or very pale. Some buds, however, will end up with petals that look like tiny roses, indicative of a trait common to this strain.


Like many hybrid plants, Jack Herer Strain produces an early flowering period, which typically starts in late spring and lasts until the end of summer. The plant will then go into a dormant stage before the flowering period resumes in the fall. The plant will flower again in the spring before going into a second set of dormant periods before the flowering period kicks back into gear in the summer. With this schedule, the results for the plant are impressive, with buds turning orange, red and yellow as they open up once more in the fall.


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