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Forbidden Fruit Strain – How To Grow And Harvest It Indoors Or Outdoors

Forbidden Fruit is a powerful indica dominant hybrid grown in California. This highly acclaimed strain is a deep-rooted cross of indica-hybrid California poppy and the powerful Pekko angustifolia. Forbidden Fruit exhibits a sweet citrus aroma with a pronounced lemon tartness at the finish. The fruit has a seductive sweet tartness and floral aromas with spicy nuances, like lemongrass and tangerine. The aroma of Forbidden Fruit reminds one of ripe red grapes. Buy forbidden fruit strain online from cookies marijuana dispensary. We have the best forbidden fruit strain for sale.

Forbidden fruit weed strain

Lately, Forbidden Fruit has been described as having a delicate, fruity aroma with a slight hint of plum or black licorice over the palate. Because of the exotic genetics of the parents plant, it is surprisingly easy to grow, even for a first-time gardener. In fact, the only challenge posed by the weediness of this tea is not weeds but rather the pesky aphids that love to devour the delicate leaves. A taste that is distinctively different from other strains, Forbidden Fruit Strain delivers a powerful yet subtle blend of tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Our forbidden fruit strain for sale is very potent.

Forbidden fruit strain review

A notable characteristic of the Forbidden Fruit Strain is its extremely sweet taste, which is very unlike other teas that use high temperatures and force a high concentration of tannin into tea leaves to produce a taste distinctively different from other teas. While other teas may taste rich, smooth or with a distinct taste of butter, the taste of Forbidden Fruit Strain is pungent and slightly bitter with an almost resin-like quality. Some people may find this taste unpleasant, but others will find the taste to be invigorating and quite enjoyable. One of the reasons for this is because of the amazingly high concentration of tannins in the tea contains. Tannins are essential in producing that musty exotic flavor that makes Forbidden Fruit Strain so delightful. Cookies marijuana dispensary has the best forbidden fruit strain for sale.

Harry potter forbidden fruit strain

As a result of the sheer amount of tannins, the leaves are extremely potent. This is both a good thing and bad thing, providing the tea with a truly powerful aroma that can be almost overpowering in some situations. Unfortunately, the high potency also means that the buds are very small, making them difficult to coax into a bud form. This is where the difficulty lies: it is impossible to coax the buds into flowering without causing the plant to go into shock.

Forbidden fruit strain near me

There is, however, a solution. By cultivating the buds after they have bloomed out completely, the plant can be induced into flowering at the correct time, which means it will flower much sooner than if you grow it in the garden. The key to getting the most out of the Forbidden Fruit Strain is patience and determination. Although it is easy to cultivate the plants indoors, they are not the easiest plants to keep alive. It takes quite a few weeks of nurturing the plants before they are ready to harvest, as they are rather sensitive plants. But, if you are willing to put in the effort, then it is possible to cultivate the buds and get great results.

Forbidden fruit strain for sale

The major threat to the product lies in misuse. If it is abused, the result can be very unpleasant. The high concentration of tannins make it almost impossible to abuse the plant, but this is not necessarily a concern for many people. For those who use the Forbidden Fruit Strain for insomnia, there may be a concern. Although there is little evidence that the plant is unsafe, it would probably be best to avoid using it altogether, since it is both highly effective and highly toxic.


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