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Cresco Shatter Review – Can You Overcome Your Fears?

The Cresco Shatter is a unique shaker that is different from the others on the market. The difference is in how the shaker works with the power to shatter disc. Most shakers will work with the discs that are shaped like normal Frisbee discs. These discs offer little in the way of stability or control, which makes them a poor choice for most shaker bottles. A unique feature of the Cresco bottle, however, is that it can produce the force necessary to flip the shaper so it can work properly. Buy cresco shatter online from cookies marijuana dispensary.

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When using a power shaper disc, you often have to hold the shaper in your hand in order to get it to work properly. This can make holding the bottle awkward and can cause the shaker to lose its balance. By holding the shaker in one hand while using the other to flip it over, you can prevent this problem and increase control over the bottle. The Cresco bottle features an adjustable handle that allows you to do just this. If you need to flip the shaker over more than once, the bottle easily adjusts to this, allowing you to do as many flips as needed without it becoming out of balance.

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The Cresco Shatter can be used to create an impact driver, which provides extra torque to the shaker so it can effectively shake the disc. Impact drivers are more stable than the regular Frisbees, making them good for driving in grass areas or on sand. They also offer the advantage of being able to withstand impact because they are not shaped like regular Frisbees. This means that you can use the same shaker for both driving and flipping.


Many people use the Cresco Shatter for driving and flipping, but many also use the shaker to create pressure and have fun with their discs. If you prefer to have your disc go straight to the basket then you could use the power shaker to do this. The shaker is great for adding some force to the disc so it will fly farther and stay in the air longer.

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The Cresco Shatter is a versatile disc. Because it can be used as a power shaker, toss forward, or flip, this makes the Shatter ideal for anyone who enjoys the sport. While the shaker is great for beginners, some can not get used to throwing a disc straight up until they master the flip. As the disc starts to come back down, this becomes easier and the shaker becomes an ideal way to control your disc on its way down the field.


Even novice disc golfers can take advantage of the shatter. Since these discs are very light, they will go very far. If you don’t know how to use the shatters, however, it is still a very solid disc. If you are a beginner, try tossing it a few times. Get the hang of it, throw for comfort, and then move on to other discs once you master the shatter. The durability and control of the Cresco Shatter are great for anyone to give a shot to.


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