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Have you ever eaten too many cookies in one sitting? That is a sure way to start eating a big bag of sugar, fat and calories and that is the worst thing you can do. By now you may be getting, “I should have never eaten those cookies” look on your face. Well, I have good news for you: you can stop looking at the labels and feeling guilty because now you can make these cookies at home! Buy cookies pre rolls online

Now I know you are probably saying that you do not have a lot of time to go baking and making cookies right? Well believe me it does not take very much time if you have a few ingredients and a container to work with. OK, first off you are going to need some cookie dough. Now while I know you may think that it is going to take a ton of time to find some cookie dough, guess what it does not? Cookies pre rolls for sale online.

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Pretty easy right? And guess what… You can make a batch of cookies in under 2 minutes! Yes, I said it. Now it is time to form your cookie dough. Do not worry if you do not have a cookie dough roller yet. Just use your hands to form the dough. Once you get the hang of it you should not have any problems getting it to come out perfectly.

Next you are going to want to roll out your cookie dough. This is pretty easy. Start by forming a ball then rolling outward until the cookie has the shape of a circle. Then you just cover the ball with plastic wrap and let it sit for a bit. You may have to press the plastic wrap down slightly if it starts to dry out a little bit.

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Now just start shaping the cookie dough. Remember that the key to success is to start out with a ball of cookie dough and not a ring. Once you have shaped it you can cover it and put it in the oven. Once you see that the cookie comes out right, then that is the time that you put in the chocolate or any other type of topping. If you make the cookies the traditional way, you may find that this method is what makes them so delicious.

Here are a few tips that you can use to personalize your cookies even more. For instance, you can try making your cookies look like a specific movie character. Or, how about trying to tie them into the holiday with a particular color scheme. You could also make the cookies look more festive by giving them a snowy white icing instead of the traditional red and green. Cookies pr rolls for sale.

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Now that you have all of the basic cookie baking down, you are going to need to practice. You need to bake a variety of different types of cookies until you are satisfied with your progress. Once you get the hang of it you will start to create really unique cookies that will keep people coming back for more. They are even better when they are put together as gifts. You can choose to put together cookies that are simple, plain or extravagant, whatever suits you and your taste. Buy cookies pre roll with bitcoin.


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