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White runtz strain review

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23% – 24%

The White Runtz Strain is so delicious, it is absolutely addictive, and adds an incredible smell to your breath. But, more importantly, many folks are searching to understand the long-term effects of this popular candy themed novelty flowers. As with any natural product, there are both short-term (positive) and long-term (negative) effects associated with White Runtz, especially if a person begins using it in large amounts. In this article, I will focus on three main (positive) effects of using White Runtz Strain: Buy white runtz strain online from cookies marijuana dispensary. We have top grade white runtz strain for sale online.

White runtz strain info

The primary (and, for non-medical users, the only) positive effect of White Runtz Strain is the pleasant (and attractive!) smell that develops upon inhaling the sweet smoke that comes out of the flower. This smell is so strong, in fact, that some users have reported smelling like “cactus,” which is not a bad thing! Ingesting the white runts can also lead to a high that is comparable to smoking pot. Buy white runtz strain online from cookies marijuana dispensary. We have top grade white runtz strain for sale online.

White runtz og strain

This, unfortunately, leads to a second (and negative) effect of consuming White Runtz Strain: users find that they have a hard time getting their minds around the fact that the smell is actually not coming from the flower, but rather from the trichomes. If you know what trichomes are, please keep reading. Trichomes are small, hard, seeds that are generally found on the undersides of flowers or plants. Specifically, the trichomes found on White Runtz Strain are large, thin layers of resin-covered seeds that, when exposed to warmth, will harden into a sticky resin that coats and protects the inner surface of the flower, and then slowly leaks out over the years to provide that familiar, addictive flavor. The longer the plant has been growing the more resin the trichomes produce, and the more white runts come out during flowering. Buy white runtz strain online and get it shipped to any location.

Cookies white runtz strain

If you harvest White Runtz Strain and expose the resin layer to heat before flowering time, you will get a very strong aroma that will quickly turn off many potential customers. Because the resin hardens into a hardened layer, it is impossible to open this “flower” and inhale its delicious flavor. Because it takes such a long time for the seeds to harden again, this makes this an ideal crop for indoor gardeners, who don’t want to have to wait for flowering time. It also makes a great addition to the herb garden: if you add White Runtz Strain to your chives, oregano, or parsley salads, you can make a delicious tea with little effort. If you’re a smoker, you could even grow White Runtz Strain outside in your compost pile as well to create your own “pipe dream” smoke pipe.

Real white runtz strain

While White Runtz Strain can be quite expensive, many gardeners who love its unique herbal flavor consider it worth its high price. This strain adds a relaxing body buzz to any salad or other vegetable dish, with an almost fruity aftertaste. Because of its unique and flavorful nature, White Runtz Strain should only be made from pure, organic white runner plants. These plants rarely survive outside, so if you’re growing White Runtz Strain outside, you’ll want to be sure to purchase the best, highest-quality seed you can find. White Runtz Strain is usually sold in bag or tube, and costs about twice as much per pound as standard garden seed.


While many gardeners who love White Runtz Strain are concerned about the high cost, they should remember that White Runtz Strain is a rare breed of citrus that only grows in certain parts of the world. California is one of those places, as the White Runtz originally grew there. The unique flavor of this citrus makes it a popular choice for mixers in cocktails and for tossing into salads. With its refreshing, tangy taste, this sweet, tangy head high can be the perfect way to end a hectic day and have something enjoyable to look forward to.


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