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Buy weed online Moscow, Russia with or without a medical card from cookies marijuana dispensary and you will receive it safely. Panda OG is an indica strain created through a cross of the rare Berry Sour Crème and OG Chem strains. Although no one really knows for sure where Panda OG gets its name, its appearance might just play the part. Tiny frosty white trichomes coat the entirety of each nug, giving it a bright white color along with dark undertones that give it a patchy effect. Panda OG has a spicy and tangy flavor of sour berries and an earthy taste that lingers. The aroma is deep with hints of earthy diesel and touches of tangy fruit berries. The Panda OG high is very relaxing and tends to have indica effects. The high starts with an uplifted onset that leaves you happy and relaxed with spacey tendencies. As the high builds, you’ll succumb to a deep felt body buzz that pulls you down into complete sedation and lasts for hours on end. These effects paired with its high 19% average THC level make Panda OG ideal for treating conditions such as chronic anxiety or stress, appetite loss, and insomnia

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Buy weed online Moscow

Buy weed online Moscow from cookies marijuana dispensary and get a discreet delivery. You’ll be chanting Panda Panda Panda just like the rapper Designer when toking this pungent yet delicious berry strain! Yet another high quality hybrid strain that hails from the Pacific Northwest Coast, the Panda OG is a nicely balanced indica/sativa and is the star child of the cross between OG Chem and Berry Sour Cream (otherwise also known as Berry Sour Creme). Offering users a nice, buzzy head high along with sedative effects, the Panda OG is a super relaxing strain that is well rounded and suitable for your wake and bake routine or pre-bedtime evening smoke sesh! Cookies marijuana dispensary has the best Panda Og weed for sale Moscow, Russia.

Effects | Weed for sale Moscow, Russia

The high of Panda OG acts on you fairly quickly. It starts off more like a sativa with a cerebral uplift which can feel psychedelic in nature as senses become sharpened and users begin to feel more focused despite feeling somewhat spacey. This will leave users feeling happy and creative, though as the high progresses, a deep physical relaxation and body buzz settles in. This body high and state of relaxation can last for hours, and users will be able to maintain focus, making the Panda OG a great strain to use any time of the day. Buy weed online Moscow from cookies marijuana dispensary, the best legit online dispensary shipping worldwide. Taken in enough doses, however, users can easily succumb to the relaxation until they hit a state of sedation, so it is also a perfect night time strain or can be used to help battle insomnia. Users report feelings of arousal with Panda OG so it can be used as an aphrodisiac as well, especially with its effects of sharpened senses combined with a serene body high. This strain’s ability to elevate mood makes it ideal for users seeking to alleviate symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety. A well rounded strain, Panda OG’s combination of focus and deep relaxation further make it beneficial for treating ADD/ADHD, arthristits, pains or aches and muscle spasms. Get the best weed for sale Moscow from cookies marijuana.

THC Content | Marijuana for sale Moscow, Russia

While the Panda OG strain is a balanced 50% to 50% indica/sativa hybrid, depending on the phenotype or batch you get your hands on, it is sometimes considered either sativa leaning or indica leaning due to the varying potency of its effects. Its THC content has been measured between 15% to a high of 25%, and also contains 1% CBD. Its parent, OG Chem, a cross of the two famous Chemdawg and OG Kush strains, is a sativa dominant hybrid with 70% dominance to 30% indica; it averages 1% CBD and THC typically measures at 20%. Its other parent, Berry Sour Cream, is an amazing cross between Blueberry, Cinderella 99 and Sour Diesel. It is also a 70% to 30% sativa dominant hybrid and averages at 21% THC potency. Buy weed online Moscow and get a discreet delivery to any address.

Appearance & Aroma | Where to buy weed online Moscow

Panda OG buds are small, tightly packed and super dense. In color, they are a frosty mint green with yellowish amber pistils, though some can look almost white as they are coated with an extremely frosty coating of trichomes. The aromas are predominantly tangy and fruity balanced by earthiness and pungent diesel which can be reminiscent of ammonia. These harsher pungent notes are undeniable traits taken from Chem OG. Upon smoking, users will taste slightly sweet, though mostly sour berries in addition to those familiar kushy spices and skunk flavors. Buy weed online Moscow with safe and secure delivery.


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