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Buy weed online London from Cookies Marijuana Dispensary and get a discreet delivery to where ever you are located. A descendant of the legendary OG Kush and a beautiful homage to the legendary musical group, Cypress Hill, this craft cannabis strain created by The Bank Seed Genetics is a super potent and well balanced hybrid that hip hop lovers and cannabis enthusiasts alike should have on their list of strains to try–and when you do, you won’t regret it! Giving you the best of both worlds, Cypress OG is for those seeking some potency that is effective both mentally and physically. Delivering users a powerful high that is backed by 22% THC levels, it is uplifting, euphoric and full of pure bodily relaxation, and might just be the perfect strain that you are looking for. To be shared with with friends in intimate or social settings for a bit of fun and laughs, or amongst yourself at the end of a long day, Cypress OG is versatile and can be catered to just about anyone! And if this isn’t enough to win you over, perhaps its delicious blend of flavors ranging from fresh pine to sweet fruits and nuttiness will!

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Buy weed online London

Buy weed online London from cookies marijuana dispensary and get it delivered safely. Hip hop fans are going to want to add this one to their must try list! Named after the hip hop rap group, Cypress Hill, this potent strain was crafted by The Bank Cannabis Genetics as an homage to the 90s West Coast musical group. Sometimes referred to as Cypress Hill OG, Cypress Kush or Cypress Hill, the strain is a child of OG Kush though its other parent remains unknown. With a well balanced blissful cerebral high and an effectively relaxing, pain relieving body high, Cypress OG is a well rounded strain that can cater to just about any cannabis user! Backed by THC levels reaching upwards of 22% potency with sweet nutty and fruity flavors, you’ll surely be pleased using this hybrid as you’re chilling to your favorite music or hanging out with friends! Buy weed online London with or without a medical card.

Effects | Weed for sale in London

Similarly to other variants and descendants of the OG strain, the Cypress OG is sedative and utterly relaxing both mentally and physically, giving users just the perfect state of peace and bliss whenever they want and need it! The high starts off as a relatively light cerebral high before it settles and progresses into a body high as well, putting you in a deep state of ease and calmness. As you sink back and relax, an energizing euphoria washes over, making you feel more sociable and uplifted, and leaving you in fits of giggles and a bit of a daze! These happy effects make it fun to use in social settings amongst friends as it can enhance mood. A strong case of the munchies is commonly reported with this strain, so you better have some snacks ready! In terms of medical usage, the relaxing nature of Cypress OG makes it perfect in helping treat symptoms of stress and anxiety, while its bodily effects make it particularly useful in aiding in the treatment or alleviating an array of chronic pains, as well as muscle spasms, cramps and seizures. If it’s not already obvious, this is also the perfect strain to take in the evenings before bed time as it can easily induce sleep and help battle against insomnia. Weed for sale London.

THC Content | Buy marijuana online London

Cypress OG is a balanced hybrid that is approximated to have an even ratio of 50% sativa to 50% indica, and its array of effects reflect this perfect balance. Because of its sedative nature however some may say it’s slightly indica leaning. The strain’s THC levels average between 20% to 22% with 1% CBD. It offers an extremely potent high and its CBD levels, despite being just 1%, are quite effective and noticeable with its body calming effects. Cypress OG is a descendant of the classic OG Kush strain, an all American favorite and legend in its own right.  Buy weed online London without a medical card from cookies marijuana dispensary. In comparison OG Kush is an indica dominant hybrid with a 75% indica dominance to 25% sativa ratio. Its THC levels average as high as 24% potency and also typically carries 1% CBN.

Appearance & Aroma

Cypress OG nugs are small and dense, with a round and spade like shape. In color they are rather bright with deep shades of neon green as well as undertones of mint, while its pistils are long with a dark golden orange color. It is highly resinous, so is sticky to the touch, and is covered in a frosty layer of crystal trichomes. Its aromas are boldly sour and earthy, with strong notes of woody pine that is accented by fruits and spices. Its flavors are equally as bold with a savoy mix of sweet fruits, nuttiness and a hint of sourness, all balanced with the freshness of the pine! We have the best weed for sale London.


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