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Pink rozay strain for sale

Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 16% – 18%

Pink Rozay strain is an Indica dominant hybrid of Lemonillin and LPC 7. The low will hit your brain hard, however, leaving you a touch dizzy and relaxed for a moment. Expect to be highly sedated but never overly so sedated because of superior genetics from this breed. This will be an amazing ride all the way through your first trimester! Buy Pink Rozay Strain from cookies marijuana dispensary. Mail order Pink Rozay Strain online and get it delivered safely. We have the best Pink Rozay Strain available for sale online.


This Indica female was crossbred with a German Malinois and a Lemonacher. The pink rozay strain is highly sought after for many desirable traits of the Malinois. They are said to have a more laid back temperament with friendly, loving behavior. They also can be incredibly hyperactive at times, which some people may consider to be a good thing. However, they are a very energetic hybrid and much stronger than their lemonchello counterparts.

Pink rozay cookies strain

If you get this wonderful, sweet and sexy Malinois pup, expect to have a daze or two the first few days after bringing him home from the breeder. He has a massive amount of energy for a pet and does not hold back. This energetic nature can get on your nerves but he will soon calm down and you will begin to notice some definite traits of his personality when it comes to the pink ray strain. You will notice that he wants to play and that he enjoys being around people. Some of his good traits include a very friendly disposition, strong and sturdy build, great sense of smell and a sweet personality. Pink Rozay cookies strain is one of our main products. You can always buy Pink rozay cookies strain online from any cookies dispensary. Buy pink rozay cookies strain online anywhere.


This is also a great all around breed when it comes to your choices when it comes to food as the pink rozay strain is very selective about its diet and has even been known to avoid certain foods like cabbages. However, you must understand that this is only a phase that the dog is in and he will probably not change into his true stroller until later on. The road prefers corn, melons, vegetables and fruit over anything else. However, the great news is that this is also a very smart breed which means that he will learn new things along the way and will not let you know what he’s been up to. In fact, he may even sneak up on you while you’re out playing and chew on whatever he can get his teeth on!

Pink rozay strain cookies

The other issue with the pink rozay strain is its need for a large amount of exercise. Because it has a high energy level, they must be walked daily to allow their legs to remain supple and their lungs to work as they should. They should be fed every day and they should not be fed with table scraps or commercial dog foods that are filled with too many additives and preservatives as they can be detrimental to a dog’s health in any way. If your dog is going to be this active, then you should feed them twice a day, once in the morning and again at night. We have top grade pink rozay strain for sale.

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Even though the Pink Rozay Strain only stays in one pattern all throughout its flowering period, the overall personality of the dog stays the same. They are very affectionate, friendly, cuddly and energetic. When properly cared for, they will be around for approximately ten weeks before they decide to go into their semi-artic phase and start changing their appearance. You can always buy pink rozay strain from our cookies dispensary.


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