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Enjoy the Great Smelling Cookies Pot – Ocean Beach Strain

Get an instant head rush followed by an irresistible relaxed body high with ocean beach strain that comes from sweet tropical fruit tart and tastes like mouthwatering fresh fruit tart with tangy taste tingling and delightful combination with premium quality herbal sticky sweet breads perfect for a soothing relaxing day that smells like pure creamy cinnamon. This amazing head rush comes from two delicious fruity blends Angel’s Perfume and Macintosh Apple. The scent is extremely floral with the mixture of warm ripe fruits like pears, plums and bananas as well as herbs like neroli, geranium leaves, lily of the valley and patchouli. It also includes green notes like cleavers, mint leaves and sunny breezes. With an almost leathery texture, it is really a great head rush. Buy ocean beach strain online from cookies marijuana dispensary and get a discreet delivery.

Cookies ocean beach strain

The exotic Ocean Beach Strain is also very delectable and a super body spray with rich spicy notes reminiscent of coconut, heliotrope, sandalwood and patchouli. This is a long lasting village fragrance that is ideal for day wear or evening wear. This remarkable long length fragrance will surely keep you going all day long with its almost heady combination of sweet tropical fruits, aromatic botanical oils and zesty seaside orchid and garden flowers. Cookies ocean beach strain is our original strain. We grow cookies ocean beach strain and sell online and offline.


For those who love a sweet and tangy blend the Ocean Beach Strain offers a tangy twist with the distinctive sweet tropical flavors of mango, pineapple, papaya and melon. This long length village fragrance is light and airy with a very pronounced coconut flavor that makes it very unique and exciting. This is definitely a great summer blend. With a very woodsy aroma the rich tropical flavor will add a unique scent to any garments. If you like spicy fragrances then the Ocean Beach Strain will give you a huge kick with its spicy mango blend.

Where to buy ocean beach strain online

If you want to enjoy the unique scent of ripe fruits then you need to try the Ocean Beach Strain. With a very sweet and fruity aroma the floral notes are clean and delicate. A blend that will surely leave you wanting more! The light scent of ocean beach strain will help you relax and get ready to take on the day ahead. If you are looking to buy ocean beach strain online then you should buy from cookies marijuana dispensary. We have the best ocean beach strain available for sale. Buy ocean beach strain from us and get lots of discounts with a discreet delivery to any location.


For those who are not into strong smells and colognes the Ocean Beach Strain comes in a very nice herbal scent. The dry floral smell reminds one of hyacinth and pink peppercorn. This long lasting scent will give you the eucalyptus and pine notes that you have come to expect from the Sweet Taste buds. With an almost eucalyptus like sweetness the ocean beach strain has a wonderful unique long lasting aroma. We have the best ocean beach strain for sale online. Our marijuana shop is the best among all others selling weed online.

Ocean beach haze strain

People who are looking for a great tasting herb made with all natural sweet fruits should definitely give the Ocean Beach Strain a try. It has the unique sweet fruit tart flavor profile that you have come to love and enjoy with your bud. With a very nice herb mix, this unique strain is perfect for all occasions and perfect for relaxation. Many people have come to appreciate the relaxing qualities that the ocean beach strain offers. No matter what kind of bud you prefer it will certainly be a hit when paired with Ocean Beach Strain.


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